glide, suspend
* * *
vb float ( fx clouds (, particles of dust) were floating in the air; the leaf floated to the ground),
(hænge) hover, hang in the air,
(drive) drift,
(roligt) sail ( fx clouds drifted (, sailed) across the sky);
(bevæge sig let) float ( fx she floated down the path),
(lydløst) glide ( fx the ghost glided through the room);
(befinde sig) be ( fx in danger);
(om fugl etc: hænge i luften) hover ( fx an eagle (, a helicopter) hovered above us),
(glide gennem luften) glide ( fx an owl glided past the window),
(svæve opad) soar ( fx a lark soared above us);
(flyv.) glide;
[ med præp:]
[svæve i luften] float (, hang) in the air, hang in mid-air;
[svæve frit i luften]
(dvs være uunderbygget) have no foundation in fact,
(være urealistisk) be completely unrealistic ( fx his ideas are completely unrealistic),
(være uvis) be in the air ( fx our plans are still in the air);
[frit i luften svævende]
(dvs urealistisk) fanciful,
F visionary ( fx ideas, schemes);
[svæve i lykkelig uvidenhed om (, om at)] be blissfully unaware of (, that);
[svæve mellem liv og død] be hovering between life and death;
(se også vand).

Danish-English dictionary. 2013.

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